Killer Groom Stockists

11th Jun 2022

As a product born in New Zealand, we are proud to be a part of the slickest Barber establishments all across the country. NZ is home to lots of incredibly talented Barbers who are passionate and dedicated to what they do and the “art” of their profession. It is from our own time and experience in this industry that the inspiration for Killer Groom began and our business was established.

We know style and we know what works and what doesn’t. For so long Barbers have been doing the best that they can with sub-standard products, but those days are now long gone. Killer Groom offers the opportunity to equip yourselves, your staff and your customers with a product to finish off your Killer look, and perfect it for the rest of the day.

Ensuring your customers have a positive experience when visiting your establishment is crucial to their return and ongoing business. Your skill and dedication as a Barber is what drives them to come back again and again. Customers always say, they wish they could recreate that look everyday, now they can.

As stockists of Killer Groom you can send your customers on their way with the confidence that their look will last whatever the day throws at it, that they can run their hands through their hair without that gloopy texture of other products and with a scent to die for. An experience that they will come back for time and time again, with a pot to take away with them to get them through until their next appointment.

Our range has been meticulously, independently tried and tested by Barbers all across NZ, and is now the trusted product for Barbers around the country.