Our Hair Care Tips For Your Killer Look

11th Jun 2022

Now, we aren’t claiming to be able to teach you how to recreate that prefect Barber look at home, those guys are incredibly talented at what they do! But with our hair care tips you can keep your hair healthy and looking great in between appointments.

Tip 1. Don’t overdo the shampoo

Out of habit guys can end up washing their hair everytime they hop in the shower. This isn’t necessary and can dry out your hair and scalp, especially if your hair is naturally dry in the first place. Instead, try washing your hair with shampoo every other day.

Tip 2. Use a conditioner

Shampoo alone won’t leave your hair in its best condition. Shampoo washes away excess oil and dirt from your hair and scalp, whereas conditioner nourishes your hair and scalp, leaving your hair stronger, healthier and shinier. It is recommended that you use a conditioner 3 times a week, or as often as needed depending on your hair type.

Tip 3. Choose your hair care products carefully

Not all hair care products are created equally. A lot of products contain nasty and harmful chemicals which can wreak havoc on your hair and scalp strength. Avoid products with a long list of harmful ingredients, try to choose products with ingredients which promote hair health.

Tip 4. Treat your hair nicely

Don’t be too rough and tough with your hair, treat it nicely and you will improve hair growth and health. When drying your hair, don’t pull it or rub it too roughly, dry it gently with a towel. Similarly brush or comb your hair gently, rather than pulling on it too harshly.

By pulling the hair you can increase thinning and hair breakage, treat it gently and your hair will grow thicker and healthily.

Tip 5. Choose a hair style to suit your face shape

You don’t have to have the same hair style as everyone else, and by choosing a style to compliment your face shape you can enhance your features with a great look. If you’re not sure but want to try out something new, visit your barber. They’re great at what they do and will be able to advise you of what style will suit you best.

Tip 6. Visit your Barber regularly

It is time to make your hair care a priority! You aren’t doing yourself any favours by leaving your hair to the very last minute before visiting the Barber. How often you need to go is dependant on the length of your hair, men with a shorter style will need to visit the barber more regularly than those with long hair. By going more often you can maintain your style and promote healthy hair.