Welcome to the new website for Killer Groom!

11th Jun 2022

We have launched our new website with a goal in mind, to provide our customers and stockists with an easy to navigate and user friendly platform where information about our range is accessible and where you can shop at ease.

We wanted the Killer Groom website to reflect our values as a business and the quality of our range of products. Quality is the backbone of our range, and what influenced us to launch Killer Groom in the first place. After talking to some of New Zealand’s best barbers and picking there brains, we grew tired of using sub-standard hair products and realised that mens hair care was lacking quality, reliable products.

Where it all started…

With years of experience in the Barber industry it became common for barbers to settle for low quality hair products, because that’s all that was available to the industry. Products which were thick and gloopy, dried in a tacky mess and didn’t exactly have the most inviting aroma!

Before we even thought about launching our own range, we knew that we had to nail the essentials:

  • The perfect hold, able to withstand a hectic day
  • A texture which can handle a hand running through it with ease and be reworked when required
  • A scent to die for

We scoured the globe looking for the highest quality ingredients and desireable scents to begin making our own range of water soluble Clays and Masks to finish off that Killer look. Now, our born in New Zealand product is tried and trusted by stockists all across NZ, and online through our new online store, perfecting those Kill looks all over the country.

The Range

At Killer Groom we offer a range of Clays and Promades suitable for varied hair types and styles. It was important to us to establish a range with a water soluble base, this stuff is as easy to get out as it is to get in, without having to sacrifice the strength or texture.

We’re all about style and how we can make it better. Killer Groom can hold your style through a hectic day, be reworked effortlessly and handle a hand combing through it with ease. Combine this with its irresistable scent and Killer Groom will change the way you see men’s hair care forever.

“We wouldn’t venture out in the world with less than a Killer look, and once you try Killer Groom, you won’t be turning back. In death, we part.”